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Values & Responsibility: Values steer our path

We take social responsibility seriously

Social and eco-friendly

Companies also bear social responsibility. It is our firm belief and also defines our corporate policy. Our corporate culture is based on creativity, reliability and integrity. We want to focus our economic approach at all times on social and environmental consequences. As a global company, this is also a question of credibility for us. We bear responsibility in several ways: as an employer, buyer, producer and trading partner. In a variety of cultures and societies. We want to set a good example everywhere as part of the global community.


Values steer our path

Corporate values are the central guidelines that serve as orientation in our daily work and for achieving goals. We associate our values with a helm that guides our ship (symbolic of company) to its destination, always keeping it on course and helping us to move together in the same direction. The company values define how employees work together and interact. They are the fundament of our culture, but also the engine for change.


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Code of Conduct for Business Partners

We expect that our business partners, just like us, comply with the law at all times and everywhere. They are aware of their responsibility towards employees, customers and suppliers as well as towards society and the principles that support them. The personal dignity of every single person is respected and no discrimination and / or disadvantage based on gender, ethnic origin, disabilities or age as well as sexual orientation, religion or belief is tolerated. We expect compliance with human rights and international standards for the protection of employees.



Whistleblower system

Indications of possible irregularities will be checked by us as soon as possible. We want to continuously improve and resolve any grievances. Regardless of whether you contact with information by phone, post or e-mail, it is advantageous to provide contact options so that we can ask questions and clarify details if necessary. Within the scope of what is legally possible, we guarantee confidentiality in the event of any information.

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

Our sustainability progress

For the fourth time, we as Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg Group publish a sustainability report to communicate our economic, environmental and social impacts and progress. We inform about our values, standards, our vision as well as our short- and long-term goals. In doing so, we create transparency to our stakeholders in order to strengthen mutual trust. We hope you enjoy reading the Sustainability Report 2022!


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Shaping change

Respectfully and with team spirit

We look after our employees and make sure that everyone working in our company group can treat each other respectfully. We support employees who want to inspire customers with their team spirit, develop new markets and work together to shape change – and we ensure that our partners all over the world comply with environmental and social standards.

Ecology and Sustainability

Our CO2 Strategy

We are moving in the right direction. After identifying and evaluating the emission-generating activities of the Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg Group, it has become our goal to implement carbon reduction strategies to mitigate our environmental impact. One of these strategies is the financing of certified sustainable projects to compensate for our carbon footprint, such as the south pole project to reforest and counteract vegetation degradation in Caazapá and Guairá. As deforestation continues to sweep through the Amazon rainforest, it has become vital to reforest such areas to relieve pressure on South America’s natural resources and curb harmful carbon emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere. The Corporate Sustainability Division is currently developing a core business strategy for a long-term reduction of our corporate carbon footprint.

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Education and health

We support these projects

Sabalamby is the name of a project in Northern Bangladesh. Our sister company Triton Textile Ltd. supports more than 200 schools with around 3,000 children there. We promote training and education measures and also help to improve the environmental and living conditions. Jebsen & Jessen supports 14 schools with around 6,000 students in Nicaragua through its subsidiary Jebagro. The “Seeds for Progress Foundation” aims to improve education and healthcare in the rural communities of the coffee regions in Nicaragua.