Chemikalien Shop für Privatpersonen, Hafen Hamburg, Schiffe Container Chemikalien Shop für Privatpersonen, Hafen Hamburg, Schiffe Container

Speciality chemicals offer unique solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Polymers and other chemicals in Asia

We can look back with pride on a presence of more than 100 years as a chemical trader in China. There we have taken on challenging distribution tasks for well-known German and European speciality chemical producers. Flexible internal processes and long-standing expertise in the markets as the prerequisite for individual, tailor-made solutions for our customers.


Chemicals Munich Ruhr Petrol

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Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals

Specialists with a wide distribution network

The core business of our subsidiary Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals GmbH includes the distribution, export and trade in chemical raw materials, such as industrial chemicals and polymers, as well as products for the oil and gas industry. With Ruhr-Petrol, we have a well-known company specialising in the trade of petrochemical products, such as propylene, bio-ethanol, methanol and industrial minerals.

Bohrlöcher Zement Zementsäcke

Dyckerhoff well cement

Well cement for sealing boreholes

With the product Dyckerhoff Class G cement, we distribute a unique product for the oil and gas industry. Well cement is used, amongst other things, as a filler between the borehole wall and the steel casing when extracting crude oil, gas, water and heat and must withstand extreme temperatures and high pressure.



Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe Hersteller Unternehmen, Weltkarte

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Excellent market position

Great experience and personal contacts

In all areas of the chemical trade we employ teams of highly qualified and experienced specialists who have round-the-clock access to international distribution and trading networks of chemical products. The best personal contacts ensure an excellent market position. Complex logistics requirements are part of our daily business.