1. Chemical trade company Hanover 1895


    Two young pioneers set up a trading company in Hong Kong in 1895

    This facsimile from the English-language daily newspaper China Mail from 1 March 1895 documents the beginning of an entrepreneurial success story: Jacob Jebsen (then 24) and Heinrich Jessen (then 29) announce the foundation of the company Jebsen & Co.

  2. Chemical trade company Göttingen 1909


    The next step: a buying office in Hamburg

    A new phase of life begins for Heinrich Jessen in Hamburg. With his younger brother Johann and a handful of employees, he organises the procurement of products for export to China: wool, yarns, textiles, chemicals and machinery.

  3. Chemical trade company Frankfurt Main 1920


    Foundation of Jebsen & Co. A/S in Denmark after the First World War

    Following the re-establishment of business relations that had been capped during the war in 1919, the foundation of the company in Aabenraa (Denmark) in 1920 means that business can be resumed with former wartime enemies, such as Great Britain and France.

  4. Chemical trade company Essen 1951


    Again on the brink of ruin, but reopening in spring 1951

    Following the death of the founders Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen, the turmoil of the Second World War and a devastating fire in the office building during “Operation Gomorrha” in 1943, the company is again on the brink of ruin - until several members of the family re-establish the trading house Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg in February 1951.

  5. Chemical trade company Essen 1951


    From a buying office to an independent trading business

    A new era began in the Hamburg trading house in 1958 with the trade of egg and milk powder, pig intestines, honey and dried fruits. Chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials became a lucrative business.

  6. Chemical trade company Erfurt 1959


    A positive turnaround for the 50th anniversary

    The Hamburg location has become less and less sought after as the European toehold of Jebsen & Co. since the end of the 1950s. Machinery deliveries and the construction of a cement factory in Malaysia enable a breakthrough in Asia. Hamburg begins its own life.

  7. Chemical trade company Essen 1951


    Change in management opens up a new era

    Oswald Putzier, a man with a number of years of experience in the Asian markets, joins the company in the autumn of 1961. He heads in a new direction from 1963 in his role as shareholder and Managing Director and establishes the import of textiles.

  8. Chemical trade company Erfurt 1959


    Foundation of companies in Asia and an upswing in Germany

    In 1963, the company Jebsen & Jessen Malaysia Ltd. is founded in Kuala Lumpur and the company Jebsen & Jessen Singapur Ltd. is founded in Singapore - the beginning of the expanding Jebsen & Jessen South East Asia Group that would later be successful. At the same time, the economic boom years in Germany support growth in the home market.

  9. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Increased business leads to the company changing to a limited partnership

    In the company's 75th anniversary year, the young Wolfhart Putzier returns from Bangkok to Hamburg and joins the management after the company changes to a limited partnership.

  10. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Generation change and rapid growth worldwide

    Wolfhart Putzier takes the helm and adopts a visionary and relaxed yet courageous and entrepreneurial approach in his role as Managing Partner just like his father. The Chemicals and Textiles divisions are booming.

  11. Chemical trade company Stuttgart 1991


    The beginning of a new success story

    An new business area emerges in Australia: the entrepreneur Torsten Ketelsen convinces Wolfhart Putzier of a distribution model for garnet sand for sandblasting and waterjet cutting. GMA Garnet (Europe GmbH) is founded in 1991.

  12. Chemical trade company Stuttgart 1991


    From a distribution partner to a mine operator

    The Jebsen & Jessen Group and Torsten Ketelsen found the company Garnet International Resources Pty. Ltd. in 2001, acquire the mine in Western Australia in two stages and integrate the garnet sand business into the company group.

  13. Chemical trade company Freiberg 2003


    Consolidation of the textile business at Triton Textile in Hong Kong

    The course is set in 2003 for the successful expansion of the textile business. The entrepreneur Michael Schwägerl takes over the management and develops sustainable production in Asia and successful distribution markets in Europe.

  14. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Textile logistics becomes an integral part of the business

    As speed and reliability are becoming more and more important in the textile business, Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg enhances its range of added value services in 2007 and acquires the logistics specialists L.E.G. Lagerhaus Elbbrücken GmbH.

  15. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Jebsen & Jessen celebrates its centenary in Hamburg

    The former Managing Partner Wolfhart Putzier welcomed 400 guests to the grand ceremony, including the Mayor Ole von Beust. Wolfhart Putzier referred to the maxim of the company founders: Don’t be satisfied with existing business - create new opportunities!

  16. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Expansion of the Chemicals division

    The trade in chemicals and speciality products has been growing dynamically since 1987. A special competence is established in Latin America. Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg further expands its traditional business at beginning of 2010 and integrates the chemical trader into the company group.

  17. Chemical trade company Nuremberg 2011


    Company acquisitions in the Chemicals and Textiles divisions

    With the acquisition of Ruhr-Petrol GmbH in Essen, specialists in the petrochemical industry, Jebsen & Jessen now also has a location in the heart of German chemical production and is also expanding the Textiles division in 2011 with the acquisition of Jefferson GmbH.

  18. Chemicals Trade Karlsruhe 1984


    Expansion of the product range in the “Non-textiles” division

    Jebsen & Jessen acquires BODUM Aussenhandels GmbH and therefore expands its trading activities. The goal: to reduce dependencies and take advantage of synergies internally and externally.

  19. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Change in management and “the beginning of a new era”

    In 2016, Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg takes over responsibility for the overall management of the company group from Wolfhart Putzier and for the management of the Chemicals division from Michael Goldmann in his role as Managing Partner. Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg previously worked for 6 years as CEO and Executive Vice Chairman in the sister company in Singapore.

  20. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    The Textiles division expands and acquires Brands Fashion

    The company successfully gains a foothold in the work clothing sector through the acquisition of a majority stake in Brands Fashion. The Jebsen & Jessen subsidiary Jefferson GmbH is fully integrated into Brands Fashion GmbH.

  21. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Restructuring of the Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg Group

    The existing business units will be transferred to independent companies and the Group structure is set up on the pillars of chemicals, textiles and garnet sand. This means that targeted growth and decentralized responsibility is promoted.

  22. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    The Crop Protection division expands and sets up Jebagro GmbH

    A new structure for the trade in agrochemicals. The international businesses with crop protection products are expanded with their own brand and enhanced added value.

  23. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Further expansion in Latin America

    Jebsen & Jessen sets up a distribution company in Argentina with “Jebagro Argentina SRL”. It also acquires a majority stake in "Grupo Agrosol" in Panama. The company is renamed “Jebagro Panama S.A.” and coordinates the crop protection business in Central America.

  24. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    The food additive business becomes a new subsidiary

    The Hamburg group sets up “Jebsen & Jessen Life Science GmbH” and restructures the trade and distribution of food additives, animal feed, home and personal care as well as industrial chemicals.

  25. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Another foundation of a subsidiary

    Based on our established chemical trading activities, in 2017 Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals GmbH was founded. Our core business compromises distribution, export and trade of chemical raw materials such as industrial chemical, food & feed additives and oil & gas products.

  26. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Foundation of the Jebsen & Jessen Textil (GmbH & Co.) KG

    In the course of the new structure of the Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg Group, the textile divisions Juritex Import-Export GmbH, Brands Fashion GmbH and L.EG. Warehouse Elbbrücken GmbH were strategically bundled under the newly created Jebsen & Jessen Textil (GmbH & Co.) KG.

  27. Chemical trade company Hamburg 2016


    Takeover of Jebsen & Jessen Trading

    Effective October 1st 2020, the Hamburg-based group acquired two established companies: Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions GmbH and Ferrostaal Metals GmbH. This strategically significant investment brings expanded expertise in the areas of Financial Solutions, Transportation/ e-Mobility and Metals. ​The companies were renamed Jebsen & Jessen Industrial Service GmbH, Jebsen & Jessen Industrial Solutions GmbH and Jebsen & Jessen Metals GmbH.​

A Hamburg-based trading house with Asian roots

Success story of two pioneers

Mr Jacob Jebsen and Mr Heinrich Jessen originally from Aabenraa in Denmark – who had ran a successful Far East trading business from Hong Kong since 1895 – set up the company Jebsen & Jessen in Hamburg on 1 January 1909. The new trading house was to initially coordinate purchases in Europe and maintain links with European industry on behalf of the group companies operating in China. Follow the exciting story of a traditional family-owned company characterised by diversity and growth.