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Garnet sand is used as a cutting material in waterjet cutting and as a blasting grit/blasting sand for surface treatment. Our sister company GMA Garnet is the world’s largest producer of natural industrial garnet and extracts the abrasive at its own mines to the north of Perth in Western Australia and in Montana in the USA. For more than a decade, GMA has also been carrying out pioneering work in the research and development of abrasive recycling and investing large sums of money in the construction of advanced treatment plants.

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The highest purity for optimum use

We manage the whole process, from the extraction of the untreated garnet sand in the mine and the separation and refining to the packaging and transport and carry out strict internal and external quality controls to ensure that our abrasive is always available in a consistently high quality in accordance with international standards. A strategically linked network of warehouses guarantees this.

Granatsand Seelmann

Quality product

100 percent pure, also recycled

Our products are 100% free of dust and contaminants for a smooth material flow. Their unique hardness and strength guarantee superb cutting performance and excellent cutting edge quality: GMA Garnet is even used to cut aircraft components made of titanium, amongst other things.

Due to its superior strength and low brittleness, GMA Garnet can be recycled several times with no loss of performance. Used garnet sand is cleaned in several recovery plants around the world and prepared for new use in compliance with strict quality assurance procedures. Our goal is to maximise the life cycle of our garnet sand resources and minimise the impact on the environment through waste from the garnet products.

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Global distribution

Production also in Philadelphia

GMA Garnet (Europe) GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg sells the natural mineral cutting and blasting grit/blasting sand with distribution partners in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in parts of Africa and the Middle East. When there is a peak in demand, we also obtain additional tonnages of the GMA Garnet from our new and ultra-modern production plant in the US state of Philadelphia in addition to the Australian sand. We also sell wear parts for different waterjet cutting systems, such as focus tubes, water nozzles and high-pressure piping.

Garnet sand worker car pipeline

High level of efficiency

Applications in many industries

GMA Garnet is used in the sandblasting industry for cleaning surfaces made of steel and other materials – for example, before applying a coat of paint. The extremely high surface purity of GMA Garnet is appreciated when it is used as blasting grit/blasting sand in shipbuilding, in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and in the automotive industry. In addition, our efficient blasting grit/blasting sand is used for cleaning building surfaces, for example, when blast cleaning the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the historic building of the Laeiszhalle concert hall in Hamburg using compressed air.

Garnet sand employee in the office

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Kristina Kothe, Inside Sales / Marketing, working at GMA Garnet since 2015

“My work also helps me to develop personally”

Customer service, preparation of quotations, order processing and marketing. These are Kristina Kothe’s duties at GMA Garnet. She says: “My duties are not just diverse and varied due to the daily contact with our customers. I also have the opportunity to constantly take on new responsibility. This not only helps me to develop professionally but also on a personal level.”